Europe’s first special needs holiday complex

Today part of our team are visiting Centre Algarve in Portugal. The centre will be one of Europe’s first specialist holiday complex for special needs and handicapped children. The hotel consists of 14 bedrooms especially designed for special needs visitors. The small size development aims to create a secure and intimate holiday experience which could be challenging otherwise in a bigger size resort. The emphasis of the centre is to make the children feel happy during their stay while offering facilities such as soft play areas, hygiene rooms, etc. In addition to this, the hotel also has a farm, a pool equipped with hoists and is surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean sensory garden. Haverstock has been involved from the outset of the project and have provided advice on the design requirements for special needs children and also collaborated with voluntary work during construction. We feel very proud to be part of this pioneering project and we wish them the best for their opening later this month.

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