Merton Priory comes alive

We've been commissioned to design the new Merton Priory Chapter House visitor centre and exhibition space by the London Borough of Merton. From 1117 until the dissolution in 1538 Merton Priory was one of the country’s biggest and most influential monastic houses. In the 1980s a complete excavation by the Museum of London Archaeology Service revealed extensive foundations, including those of its substantial and historically important Chapter House.

‚ÄčThe project seeks to celebrate and announce the history and existence of these fascinating remains to a wider audience whilst stabilising and preserving their current condition. The design is informed by the historical layout of the Priory: new build elements follow the line of archaeology and attempt to reinterpret the spirit of the original Priory buildings. The use of prefabricated lightweight elements will minimise disruption of the historical remains and provide glimpses of the archaeology and exhibition within; intriguing and enticing visitors to explore the Chapter House chamber and discover the significance of the original Priory.

The new facilities and amenities will improve visitor comfort whilst increasing the potential for the Chapter House to be made available for events, functions and performances. The project attempts to re-establish the Priory remains as a priceless piece of community heritage providing a unique insight into a noble past.

Initial designs and more project information: