Emsworth Baptist Church starts on site

The works for Emsworth Baptist Church started on site last week. With a capacity for up to 300 people, the new church building will be one of the only buildings of its kind in Emsworth and will be a significant asset to the locality.

The design has evolved with several major changes to the brief but the strong community focus still endures. The church community was always at the heart of the design process, and the layout of the building has been informed by both the diverse user requirements and the various site constraints. The result is a flexible arrangement around a central community kitchen where every room provides a dynamic, multi-use space.

Externally, the building envelope is a carefully composed and detailed series of masonry gable walls with large picture windows running along the high street frontage. These choices have allowed the design to reinstate a positive street frontage and to continue a historic urban dialogue with the surrounding area.

For more information on the project go here: http://haverstock.wpengine.com/projects/public-and-arts/emsworth